Criminal charges brought against two religious circumcisers for the first time

Charge: grievous bodily harm inflicted on at least 2000 babies and small children

(Vienna, 29 November 2012) – Charges are being brought against the community rabbi and mohel of the Jewish Religious Community in Vienna. The rabbi has stated himself that for religious reasons he has performed operations, where there was no medical indication, on the genitals of over 1000 male babies. The second accused is a general practitioner who runs a circumcision centre in Vienna specializing in ritual Islamic circumcision. He is also the president of the Islamic Religious Community in Vienna. On his website, he proudly presents photos of circumcised children. The doctor also faces charges by the disciplinary commission of the Chamber of Doctors. In addition, the rabbi will be charged for violating medical law.

Download Presseaussendung 2012-12-02 [pdf]

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